City Hall
110 S. Washington St.
Main office phone: 731-635-4000
Fax: 731-635-2692

Property taxes, business taxes, finance, municipal records, human resource, purchasing, accounts payable, building permits.

>>Recorder-Treasurer Donna Buckner

Police Department 
110 S. Washington St.
Main office phone: 731-635-1515
Fax: 731-635-8047

>>Police Chief Donnell Baltimore

City Court
114 S. Washington St.
Main office phone: 731-635-5223
Fax: 731-635-2692

Judge Tracey Brewer-Walker

>>City Court Clerk Mary Barnett

Fire Department        
225 Randolph St.                     
Main office phone: 731-635-2284
Fax: 731-635-2692

>>Fire Chief Tracey Worlds   

Parks and Recreation
200 Mary Robert Drive
Main office phone: 731-635-4645
Fax: 731-635-7440

>>Parks Director Randy Danley

Public Works Department
103 Industrial Drive
Main office phone: 731-635-1621
Fax: 731-635-1621

>>Public Works Director Johnie Ford

Codes Department
Main office phone: 731-635-4455
Fax: 731-635-4455

>>Codes Enforcement Tim Bratton

Gas, Water & Wastewater Department        
116 Church St. 
Main office phone: 731-635-1212

>>Gas, Water & Wastewater Superintendent
Scott Nelson

Power and Light Department
154 S. Main St.
Main office phone: 731-635-2323

>>Power and Light Superintendent
Mike Allmand 

City Attorney
104 Lafayette Ave.

>>Rachel Jackson



Ripley Planning Commission regular meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of month at 5:00 p.m. at Ripley City Hall located at 110 S. Washington St.

Ripley Planning Commissions members:

Chairman – Maurice Gaines
Tommy Climer
J.C. Dupree
Thomas Bester
Tommy Stanley
Alderman Bill Davis
Mayor Jon Pavletic